We have great joy in warmly welcoming Dr Nicola Frickel to our spa and wellness offering at Fordoun. Nicola will be working independently from the spa and offering the following wellness service to guests and locals…

Nicola is a Registered Osteopath who returned to South Africa 2009 after completing her degree at the British School of Osteopathy in London UK.

Nicola’s life experiences and 18years in her professional field with the addition of sports and pregnancy massage diplomas and a background in nursing has given Nicola a wide scope of practice. Dr Frickel has great experience in treating a range of patients from athletes, office workers elderly and youngsters.

“When all parts of the body are in line, we have perfect health” – AT Still founder of Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a touch and movement-based form of manual therapy that looks at relieving muscle tension, increasing joint mobility and helping to restore balance in the body with body alignment. Thereby enhancing blood and nerve supply to tissues, promoting the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Dr Frickel does Cranial Osteopathy which is a subtle and gentle treatment focusing on the skull mobilisation to allow fluid motion within and around the brain to influence the health of the whole body via its connection to the spine.


Alignment is the foundation of health. A whole-body approach using manipulation, articulation, massage and myofacial release techniques. The ideal alignment of the body minimizes strain on the spine, muscles and joints. It allows the body to function at an optimal biomechanical state allowing for efficiency with activity and avoiding reoccurrence of injuries.


We are feeling very privileged to be amongst 6 other international spas included in an article entitled “7 Unique Hotel Spa Treatments That Enhance Your Travel Experience”.

“Traditional Zulu Healing Consultations at Fordoun Hotel and Spa, South Africa: Set in South Africa’s serene KwaZulu-Natal Midlands about two hours from Durban, Fordoun Hotel and Spa is a bucolic farmstead turned boutique spa hotel purpose-built for peaceful getaways. Spa treatments incorporate 120 indigenous Zulu medicinal plants foraged from the onsite garden and also include sessions with the Zula healer, Traditional Dr. Elliot Ndlovu, an experienced inyanga (traditional medicine healer) and sangoma (spiritual healer). Consultations are designed to help solve current and future health problems, with proposed remedies including bespoke herbal concoctions or targeted treatments. Guests are also invited to address more esoteric issues or opt for a general wellness session. Other spa treatments at Fordoun include an invigorating Rasul Treatment, which uses white clay harvested from the base of the Drakensberg mountain range during the full moon, and the Nduku Nduku Massage with knobkerrie sticks, wooden Zulu rods traditionally used as weapons or ceremonial objects.”

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