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The Bees are going to be buzzing at Fordoun this Summer!

Posted on: September 14, 2021, in News

Bees are by far the most prolific of the many pollinators for our plant species. Most flowers, fruits, vegetables, grains and trees rely entirely on them for ongoing production. Most forms of life on earth depend on them.

Within a month from now a new apiary will be completed. Built inside an old cattle spray race building, the apiary will house two observation hives where visitors will (under supervision) be able to see bee activity through glass panels and learn about these critically important insects. We are also placing four production hives in a closed off section of the building. This apiary is in addition to the current ten hives sited in a quiet spot at Fordoun.

Our intention is to have an all year round honey flow. A gathering of the bounty of our garden flowers, gum forests, clovers, apples, cherries, rosemary and helychrysum plantings.

The honey produced will not only be used by our culinary Skye Bistro team but the bees themselves will play a key pollinator role in the entire farm and garden ecosystem.

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