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The pride and pampered of Fordoun …

Posted on: April 25, 2017, in News

Fordoun Farm has many varied enterprises. New to the farm are the 150 layer hens. Living “the life”, in their luxurious double story, shade cloth, coop.

The eggs are collected each morning, and used in Skye Restaurant. No Carbon foot print here! Any children staying on the farm are welcome to join in the egg collection in the mornings

After a day of scratching, pecking, dust bathes and strutting they need their rest and so, in the evening, they stride with pride and purpose back into their cosy straw beds. Their work over for the day.

In the same vein as guests are treated at Fordoun, the chickens are pampered and eat only the best natural grains and pulses, not an antibiotic in sight!

Come and meet our brood !

Easter egg hunt at Fordoun



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