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Land of Legends …

Posted on: March 28, 2017, in News

Ten years ago, a group of Kwa Zulu Natal’s top boutique hotels formed the Land Of Legends. The aim of LOL is to celebrate the history, tradition and culture of our country, with a long-standing records in the upliftment of local people and the preservation of the environment as major criteria. Those accepted in the association are icons of their trade, either in the form of the personalities involved in the establishment, the history behind the properties, or the stories they tell.

At the time of the formation of the Land Of Legends, KwaZulu Natal was only the third destination of choice for visitors to South Africa, with just 4% of foreigners including these KwaZulu Natal properties on their maiden visits to the country. The magnetism of the brand was quickly apparent, with the flow of international guests including “Legends” on their first itineraries to the country, increasing to close to 40%. This shows the value of the diversity, the originality and the authenticity the region represents. A visit to these parts, is an intimate experience, bringing the traveller closer to nature, closer to our roots, and closer to the exuberance of the African people.

In September 2016 Fordoun Hotel and Spa took the praises in the spa category. Phinda Homestead Lodge, Hartford House and The Oyster Box are all members of the Association, showing that the calibre of the competition is very high indeed. The establishments themselves are exhibiting what KwaZulu Natal has to offer as a destination.

We can be really proud of the achievements Fordoun has received, that they are “a local” to us in the midlands and that they welcome us to share their awesome venues. Thank you Fordoun !

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