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Friendly Forked tailed Drongo …

Posted on: July 4, 2017, in News

Friendly Forked-tailed Drongo.

iNtengu is what the gardeners at Fordoun call it …. Mikstertbyvanger is the Afrikaans name and to the English people it is the Forked-tailed Drongo. This is the gregarious, medium sized, friendly bird that keeps you company while you are outside doing gardening and pottering around. Traditionally it is known for its love of cattle, and stories abound from herders regarding the Drongo’s during their watch over the herd.

Primarily insect-eating birds, known to hang around the Fordoun bee hives for easy pickings, these common birds are widespread in South Arica and love the activity of farmland and gardens. Both of which Fordoun has in abundance. Fordoun has 3 active farmed bee hives and these are prime hunting spots for the Drogo. They are passerine birds with the notable feature of having three forward facing “toes” and 1 backward facing. This helps it to perch from where in can still-hunts its prey.

Some researches hold the opinion that the Drongo possess the Theory of Mind shown in humans. The Theory of mind is the ability to show a system of beliefs, intents, desires, and knowledge. This research is partly since Drongos can mimic the call of other birds. They use this tactic mainly to chase other birds them off their food and grab it for themselves. They are especially vocal at dusk and at dawn ….

spot them when out and about at Fordoun ….

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