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Fordoun … spring is here

Posted on: September 16, 2017, in News

Fordoun … Spring

“Spring is sprung …” is such a cliche but really describes this season.  It is the season of rejuvenation and renewal.  The land that appeared dead shows resurrection and regrowth.  Animals activities change as the babies start to appear.  The world seems to wake up after its long rest of winter. Spring has lengthening days as the season progresses, as the earth tilts further relative to the sun.  As the earth starts to warm up over these months there is a distinctive smell in the soil as the micro flora flourish and multiply.

The clivias are flowering at the Fordoun conference center at the entrance in pots.  Over several years , starting in 1817, James Bowie, a young botanist was sent out to South Africa.  His employer , The Royal Gardens at Kew, tasked him to explore, catalog and share the native flora of Southern Africa.  It was during one of these visits that he sent back a specimen of “clivia”.  It was name after the house of the Duchess of Northumberland, a patron of gardening.  He continue to send back specimens for over twenty years and died in 1869.


Stunning clivia’s at the entrance to the conference venue ….


This is the perfect time to do some rejuvenation of your body with an exfoliation and pampering at the Fordoun Spa.  Summer is fast approaching meaning dresses, swimming costumes and bear legs in sandals.

Spring Special …


the iconic pin oak avenue at the Fordoun entrance …. greening up … ready for spring …

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