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Conserving Natural Beauty

Posted on: May 26, 2017, in News

In 2001 the KZNCF (KZN Crane Foundation) moved its head quarters to the Usher Conservation Centre outside Nottingham Road. This land had been generously donated by several concerned farming families from the area towards sustainable environmental projects. One of the substantial donations to this project was bequeathed by Lady Nora Usher and subsequently donated by Fordoun Farm. Fordoun takes a keen interest in the KZNCF, hosting functions, spreading the news about the KZNCF and directly assisting with the ever increasing costs of running a environmental based project.

In May 2014 the KZNCF chick rearing facilities were completed and ready to house their first guests. The facilities can accommodate 7 chicks per breeding season. The facilities include incubation, hatching and brooding rooms together with night pens. There are two huge outside dome structures which encourage the chicks to explore their environment in safety. The second dome is larger and is predator proof which allows the chicks to learn all about foraging and allows the chicks to get more exercise in their natural environment.

Rearing of the chicks is done by ‘chick moms’. To avoid human imprint on the chicks, ‘moms’ wearing crane costumes and using hand puppets feed and look after the baby’s.


It is environmental organization like this that will save species from extinction, and allow our children to also share in this countries natural beauty. And it is with the help of places like Fordoun that organization like the KZNCF survive and thrive.

A visit to see the Usher Conservation Center can be organized by reception, subject to availability, on your visit to Fordoun ….

“Chick moms”

For more info look at :https://kzncrane.co.za

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