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Everything you need to know about massages…

Posted on: February 2, 2017, in News

Relaxation is a vital part of everyone’s basic human needs, especially with this tremendously fast paced lifestyle we all seem to be adopting.

We at Fordoun Spa pride ourselves in providing remarkable massage therapy to our clients and find it quite interesting to hear a variety of myths when it comes to massage therapy and your health or body, so we have taken it upon ourselves to highlight a number of these myths that we found most interesting and shed some light on the situation.

#1. Massages remove toxins from the body

Now this is a myth we are sure most of you have heard before. Research suggests that your body has its own way of releasing toxins, essentially detoxing itself… Massage therapy is not one of these techniques.

Getting your muscles rubbed and squeezed will not release or remove toxins from your body entirely, there is evidence that it may help to flush or remove waste products found in the body however please be aware that these are not toxins.

#2. Good massages make you hurt the next day

A great massage certainly does not need to be painful for it to be considered effective. Each of us is very different in terms of our response to certain things, including massages, some people may experience an overwhelming sense of relaxation and muscle “looseness“, which is why you will hear people stating that they feel as though they are floating. If you Are feeling hurt or sore after your massage it is advised that you request your therapist lighten the pressure next time around.

#3. You don’t have to drink water after a massage

Drinking water has many a health benefit and is always recommended after a massage. The water can help flush any waste products (note these are not toxins) that may have been released during therapy as well as reduce any muscle soreness that may arise.

#4 Massage therapy reduces cellulite

There are many benefits to massage therapy but removing or reducing cellulite is definitely not one of them.

Cellulite is caused when fat cells accumulate between muscles and the skin cells attached to them and it seems that some women think massaging these areas will loosen the fat from between the skin and the muscle, spreading it out more evenly under the skin however there is no research to indicate that this is true.

Now that we have made perfectly clear the truth behind a few massage myths, take a look at the phenomenal massages we have on offer for you to enjoy:

NdlovuArtemesia Deep Tissue Massage – 60 minutes

A specific technique using Artemesia Afra based oils by Tr Dr Ndlovu in order to stimulate the circulation and respiratory system and helping release ‘built-up tension’ in the body.

Ndlovu Nourishing Swedish Massage – 45/60 minutes

A Medium pressured massage that relieves muscle tension and increases blood circulation using nurturing and nourishing African Potato Leonotis Leonorus based oils by Tr Dr Ndlovu.

Aromatherapy Massage – 60 minutes

A light pressured massage using essential oil blends of your choice to enhance balance and harmony in the body.

Hotstone Massage – 60 minutes

Granite rocks are incorporated in this light-pressure massage to warm the muscles, increase circulation and assist the body and mind to ease into pure relaxation.

Phumuza iKhanda Massage – 25 minutes

Concentrating on the neck, head and scalp using particular pressure points aiding in the relief of stress and tension.

Nduku Nduku Massage – 45 minutes

A unique experience making use of the traditional Zulu Knobkierie sticks concentrating on the back of the body.

Izinyawo Massage – 25 minutes

A relaxing foot massage using our Ndlovu Wild Dagga Body Butters/Oils.

Mama Mio Pregnancy Massage – 75 minutes

A complete relaxing full body massage using our safe but effective pre-natal techniques to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump.

If you have any questions regarding our massage therapy, what we have on offer or the benefits you can experience, feel free to contact us at info@fordoun.com

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