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Spiritual and Mental Well-being with Jen Symons at Fordoun Spa

Posted on: September 26, 2023, in News

Jen Symons has had a keen interest in complementary and alternative healing modalities since she was a teenager. She studied Reiki for the first time at the age of 19. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey of healing, growth and knowledge. Jen will tell you that she is an endless student, always excited to add a new modality to her ‘toolbox’. Some of the modalities she uses within a Bio Energy treatment are Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, Emotional Kinesiology, Usui Reiki, Akashic Records to name a few. Jen has taught Reflexology, Energy Medicine and Usui Reiki, she loves to be able to empower people through knowledge and understanding.

After 25 years of study and working with people Jen will tell you that there is never a day that she isn’t excited to see a client, especially in an environment as beautiful as Fordoun. Next time you visit Fordoun make sure that you’ve included a Bio Energy booking with Jen. You will leave feeling lighter, calmer, stronger and happier!

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Bio Energy is a deep, gentle and non-invasive treatment. The client and I will discuss what is going on in their lives. I like to know about their medical history, stressors, general health and wellness as well as any other aspects that might be of importance, or concern, to them. Some clients will share in detail while others will be brief in what they choose to share.

Once we have decided what the healing will be focused on (it might be a general healing, or very specific to a concern in their lives) they will lie down and I will begin the balance. I cover the person with a blanket, play soft music and they close their eyes and relax (or most often sleep!). Generally, I work above the body, but there are times when I hold certain points on the head, the joints and always the feet.

The Bio Energy balance works within the Energy System of the person, including the aura, the chakras and the meridians. This Energy System is closely linked to our physical body and in the same way any of our physical systems can become effected by illness, stress, grief etc., so can our Energy System. By realigning the energetic aspect of ourselves we may overcome many issues in our lives. Simply put, I am working on the parts of a person’s Anatomy that cannot be seen. We hold a huge amount of information within our Energy System, so bringing this part of the body into balance can be life changing!
If you are needing time out because you are stressed, have been ill, have a trauma you have not dealt with, have a goal you’d like to reach or just need to reconnect with your true self this is a treatment you should be having! A Bio Energy treatment balances you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, it is a wonderful holistic treatment.

I hope to see you for a Bio Energy treatment in the near future!
Jen Symons

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