Fordoun … for the family …

Fordoun …focusing on the family … Fordoun farm village offers 8 luxurious self catering cottages built around our “village green” cricket oval, and alongside our productive and beautifully laid out vegetable garden. The primary reason for creating the farm village, was to tap into the niche Agri Tourism market and offer a chance for families […]

Chef …

He just goes by the name “chef”. No need to waste unnecessary words. He gets things done … just like in his kitchen. Chef takes care of all the foodie needs at Fordoun. The muffins, biscuits and ice tea in the spa through to the three course meals in the Skye Bistro. He gets up […]

February, the month of love ….

We have all heard again and again that February is the month of love, and I hope you have booked somewhere special to take that special someone but spare a thought for the poor singles in South Korea. They wait two whole months to make sure they are not on someone’s valentines list. Then on […]

February at Fordoun …

Welcome to February at Fordoun … Sylvia has been working on Fordoun Farm for 61 years. She used to help in the dairy with herd health management and fertility, when Fordoun was a working farm, but now she works in the hotel in house keeping. Here, she is arranging the fresh flowers to welcome the […]


Floatation tanks (also known as Sensory Deprivation tanks) have certainly become a growing trend within the Health and Beauty industry for many reasons: ·         Detoxifying benefits ·         Healing properties ·         Relaxation and rejuvenation Floatation tanks contain a high level of Epsom salt solution – a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate that has many […]

Christmas around the world

The traditional western Christmas includes decorated Christmas trees, the giving of presents, and feasts of turkey, mince pies and Christmas cake. However, Christmas celebrations around the world vary, depending on the culture, history and geographical location of the country. Probably one of the most dramatic Christmas celebrations occurs amongst the tribes of New Guinea, who […]


Easter is a time when even people who do not consider themselves “choco-holics” can usually be tempted to savour the delicious sweetness of chocolate, hidden within a glossy Easter egg wrapping. But as we melt the soft chocolate on our tongues, how many of us realise that this treat has a history dating back over […]

THE ART OF RELAXING: Yoga and other tips

“Yoga, a philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind, and will in order that the self may realise its distinction from them and attain liberation.” – Merriam Webster; Dictionary    Yoga has become a fast-growing and popular form of physical activity for many nowadays. With fast-paced lifestyles characterising the lives of many […]